Sometimes you just need someone to listen to you, be there for you, without asking them for anything. Just someone who you know that'll have your back always and wouldn't ever let you go. Nothing else. You feel so much better just spending time with them. Talking about your dreams, hobbies or what others would call a small talk. I don't mind having that if it's with you. I'll anyways figure out a way to understand you. I don't need to know what your darkest secrets are, what your favorite color is, what you like eating, or in general what your fear is. I'll anyways find out without you having to explain what they are to me. Just spending time with you makes me understand it all. How you cringe when you see a cockroach, sleep on your back and eat food like a little baby, keep asking for coffee almost every hour because it's the only thing that keeps you awake on a tiring day. I don't need you to come back home and tell me how your day was like because I know. We'd go out if you were really happy, or you'd just come home late if you're sad. But you weren't patient enough to deal with me, weren't ready to accept how strong I was individually. 
So I was told that I'm hard to love, not easy to understand and would even be incomplete without you. The difference between us was that I'd accept you with your flaws and you'd point out mine, love you for the person you are on your good and bad days but for you, you wouldn't love me for being myself let alone the type of day I would've faced.

We all wonder what the future has in store for us. When I was ten years old, I wondered how I would be once I turned be sixteen. Once I finally became a teenager, rather than enjoying it, I had more responsibilities. Now I'm thinking about what life will be like when I graduate and go to college. The point is, many of you are just like me; worrying about the future more than cherishing the moment and living life the way it is right now. What I realised is that nothing happens the way you expect it. All of us are growing each and every day. I'm not the person I was a year ago and next year, I won't be the same person I am today. Change is inevitable. The only thing we can do is to be patient and just hope that whatever the future holds for us is the same as what we envision it to be.

Metamorphose presents "Untagged". All of us are constantly fighting several stereotypes, in this video we wanted to focus on all the barriers in relation with physical appearance, from weight, colour and height down to acne and stretch marks anything that has ever bothered us. Remember that our physical appearance is not constant, it undergoes a lot of changes unlike our inner body. Our main aim was to portray how all of  our personalities are united by the one simple goal of breaking stereotypes. This is just a small initiative that we decided to take in order to break the several tags that we have attached ourselves too from societies point of view. It is now time to "Untag" ourselves from these labels. Click on the video below and check it out!

"What was he like?" they asked her. 
She said, "He was like the sun - beautiful at sunset, when I looked at it from my balcony.
But I didn't want to go near it because I knew I'd burn."
"What was she like?" they asked him. 
He said "She was like the moon.
She gave me light when I couldn't find it, 
But I knew she was hard to reach out to and get."

"We're all fighting our own battles." Yes, we do have family and friends who will be our constant support system. However, at the end of the day your problem is yours. Ofcourse having someone who understands you helps. But not at 3 a.m when you have nobody by your side except yourself. What do you then? You either belive in yourself to do better and aspire to win OR lose hope and watch your own downfall. Nobody will be blamed at the end of it not even your support system because whether we accept it or not it's only YOU who'll be fighting.

Sometimes, I remember you like my own catastrophe. 
Other times I cherish the times we spent together. 
My most favorite would be waking up next to you on a Sunday morning.  
Now I wake up clutching on to a pillow that holds me back.

Art work by Rida Khanam 

People tend to complicate even a simple situation for themselves. When they miss someone they won't tell them, when they love someone they're scared to accept it, so it's all mixed up with so much confusion. We're all scared of being judged, our egos being hurt and our self respect being crushed. But if you don't take any steps and believe in the "If it's meant to happen it will" and "What if's" then eventually nothing will happen. You're just going to get trapped in the circle of your thoughts. You have each others number but can't text first because he/she will think you haven't moved on. You call people your good friends but can't talk about your problems without the fear of being judged. All of this just confuses a person and a simple emotion like love is lost somewhere while you're just trying to be someone who you aren't.

When you see someone who you know is going through a rough time in life but still manages to put a smile and makes you feel better what do you do? Stop right here. I know what you're thinking about. No, it's not neccesaary for them to know how great they're doing or that you'll always be there for them. Prove that instead of saying it. Secondly, don't tell them the most clichéd line, "Please always smile like this okay?" or "You get only one life so smile and be happy." Please dont. What they're going through is something you cant feel. Motivate them in another way. Try and ask them questions, again not the casual one's like "How was your day" instead try diverting their mind talk about your inside jokes, share something that you think would interest them. There's a lot of things you can do and tell a person who's not feeling okay. But if you cant I'd suggest you let them be and focus on bettering yourself to deal with much tougher situations in life. Either ways they've got nothing to lose. So here's a shoutout to all those people who hide their fears and sadness behind their tears and put a bright smile on their face each and every day, with just one thought in mind that not everyone you lose is actually a loss.

"Log Kya Kahenge" is an overused line by a lot of us.
We care more about what our friends, family, society think more than what we want for ourselves. Once you get into this habit of overthinking, then you lose yourself in that process. You either try to fit into a group, sacrifice your ambition for others, or just in general not be you. You will meet various types of people throughout your life but the ones who stand by you are who you need to keep. If there are people who don't agree with you, pull you down and make fun of your dreams, learn to cut them off. Don't stay there and justify yourself, that's not how it works. You don't have to prove them wrong too by doing something only because they said you couldn't. It won't help you in the long run. All of us grow every single day but you only mature when you truly understand that you're all you need.

"Tell me 5 things which you like about yourself," he asked me. It was the first time someone ever asked me to describe what I liked about myself . I've always heard what other people liked and disliked about me. He was the only one who wanted to know what I thought about myself. So I told him.
"Uh, I think the first is my power to love." This was something I didn't want to ever lose in the real world no matter what problems I'd face because loving was the only thing that kept me going. "Second, I think it is the way I accept people. Its like if you really want me back in life and I have shared some great memories with you I will take you back and give you another chance." Then I paused for a while, and fiddled with my hair as I thought about what the others could be. But I had run out of things to say.  I didn't know what was good about myself anymore. I think he understood that so he looked at me and said, "Wait, let me finish the rest of them for you."
He smiled and started telling me, "I like the way you care for everyone no matter who they are. Even if you've shared a bad past with them. Oh and your eyes. your eyes just tell me a different story everyday. Not a simple story about how you finished your chores quickly, but something deeper which makes me want to know you better.   The fifth one for me would be you just being yourself and not caring about what others think."
Two months later these three things would culminate to be the reason I don't see him anymore.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​    TheWhite Letter

      -You are the color - 

We're all living in our own private traps. 
The world is moving on so fast that every day passes by with an exhausted person lying down in bed thinking, "Okay, so what's next?"
In this day and age all of us are super busy. Especially with the advent of social media sites, there's a new app everyday, which helps you connect in so many ways. But with this also comes another side which shows how we're all so occupied with our "work" that we don't have time for anybody including ourselves. Some are running behind goals and some are running behind people. This post is for all of us to realize that we need to STOP. Stop for a minute and give it a thought. When was the last time you actually went out for dinner with your family? When did you go meet your friends, instead of just "WhatsApping" or "Skyping" ? When was the last time you read a book or watched a movie? If you have these answers then I'm sure by now you would've figured out what I'm trying to tell you.