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Oiling has always been a hassle for me. Firstly, because I felt it was time consuming with the schedule that I’m on and some people have other complaints about it too. Especially during winter when we face extreme dryness it’s important to take care of ourselves. Hence, we opt for oiling as it makes the hair silky and smooth. But the sticky feeling after a wash is what irritates most people. 

However, for this Pantene has come up with a new product, the new Pantene Oil Replacement which can be an easy option and the solution to all our oiling problems. The packaging itself makes the product appealing. It’s in golden in colour and contains of a creamy base that keeps your hair shiny. 

The New Pantene Oil Replacement has Pro-V and goodness of oils; giving you 2X stronger hair hassle-free. It works to add softness and shine to hair and delivers conditioning and damage repair benefits, giving hair all the benefits of oils – including shine, moisture balance, nourishment, damage protection, smoothness, and damage repair.

Personally this product works for me because it’s just like a serum that I can use on my dry/damp hair. I put a walnut size amount of it and the next day I am good to go. It’s ultimately linked to my hair-care routines. This way I can skip my oiling sessions and use this when I feel like I want to.

Getting long and strong hair is not impossible anymore, thanks to the Pantene Oil Replacement and check out the changes for yourself. Feedback and queries are always appreciated. It is time to bid adieu to all your hassles of oiling with the New Pantene Oil Replacement. The New Pantene Oil Replacement is available on Amazon & Nykaa a price of Rs. 150 (180ml).

For now have a look at the pictures. Feedback and questions are always appreciated.