Durdana Simran is a 19 year old writer, journalist and the founder of The White Letter- a creative art group based in Bangalore that curates and conceptualizes events that gives a platform for artist of all kinds to come find a safe space. Within some years of experience in the field of being an amateur journalist she has had the opportunity to work with All India Radio, The Times of India, The Bombay Review, featured on the cover page of Poets International and was a part of the Louder than words mission, an initiative to combat the stigma around mental health through poetry. Her poetry has also been featured in an anthology called 'Human Equation'. She is often vocal about her views on social media as writing is a catharsis for her. A full time believer and part time dreamer Durdana hopes to change the world one day, just like most of us.

About the founder: 

The White Letter initially began as a website created by Durdana Simran in 2015. She’d put up her poetry, thoughts and ideas and then decided that things needed to change. She wanted to do just a little more, and put together an entire team of hard workers to assist her, and now they’re a whopping twelve members all passionate in their own fields. The White Letter with its tagline You Are the Color was, thus reborn with a vision to celebrate art in its truest essence, in all varieties, with no restrictions whatsoever. 

The White Letter is focused on allowing artists of all kinds to showcase their art, and it provides for them a safe space free of all kinds of pressure and judgment – something imperative for artists just rising up above the surface. They not only organize events, but conceptualise and curate it completely from scratch. 

About us 

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      -You are the color -