I am Durdana Simran, a humanities student residing in Bangalore, India. So why White letter and a bit about me. Writing has always comforted me. At first my work used to be personal. I had a habit to jot down my thoughts and usually write when I could never express myself in a way that anybody around me could understand except my paper or phone. With every experience I had every small detail was somehow written down in a way that only I would be able to comprehend. This way I realized that it had become my way of shelter, it gave me a sense of belonging and slowly my imagination and feelings were turned into sentences that had a meaning.

When I was 12 years old, I started a website called Global Affairs which was an online portal in which I provided news, and articles. The idea of this started from a small project at school which I decided to continue on. But even there I never provided my own creative writing, it was solely information based. I think this was because at that time I think I was really scared about criticism, not like I wouldn’t get any now, but the 12 year old me wouldn’t be able to handle it.

However, after 5 years of gaining confidence and learning how to express myself in such a way that I can be understood, I took the initiative to start The White Letter where I decided to assemble all my writing. Here you will find my short stories, poetry and articles. 

Apart from writing I am also a Bharatanatyam artist and vocalist. I recently interned at All India Radio(AIR), Bangalore. "White letter" to me is like a plain piece of paper which I colour with my string of thoughts.

About the founder.

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